Ever wanted to do these hypnotic sequencer lines known from Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream? Found out, that Hardware sequencers capable of doing this cost from 1500 to 30000 $ (Moog™ Modular System)?

Now you can get a VST plugin for your PC for a fracture of this price:

CLOCKWOrK Vintage Stepsequencer VST

Clockwork VSTWOK Clockwork Vintage Stepsequencer VST stepsequencer plugin
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A MIDI Stepsequencer plugin for your DAW, giving you all the options of the vintage hardware at a mouseclick. Perfect for controlling it with external control boxes like Novation Nocturn or others!


  • clear and easy interface
  • number of steps selectable (up to 16)
  • note per step selectable from 3 octaves with display
  • additional row for velocity or MIDI CC
  • each step can be muted or skipped (!)
  • sequence transpose by MIDI input
  • selectable speed (clock divide)
  • manual step thru the sequence with button or MIDI key
  • reset to a specific step manually or on bar start
  • play only when MIDI key is pressed
  • random play
  • supports automation by your host (like “Learn” in Reaper or Energy or Novation Automap)
  • MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source 

Clockwork was covered in issue 11-2010 of german BEAT magazine !

Available for Windows PC as VST-plugin.  System requirements/technical

Price: only 26 € (with “Tonmeister” and Ratchit included!)

Listen to demo songs below or download test version:

 MP3 democlip 1
(3x SAMse with 3x Clockwork, 1x SAMse)

simple MP3 demo 1

 simple demo 2

song demo 3
(also featuring Ratchit, Dronos and Cromina)

download plugin demo
(demo version is limited to 4 steps)

download quickstart manual

You can buy now directly and save via Paypal.
Please download and test the demo-version first,
to ensure it is working on your system!

buy WOK Clockwork Vintage Stepsequencer VST

Secure payment and direct download.

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What users say:

Yes, this little sequencer seems absolutely perfect. The additional plugin makes it even more powerful.

Man, this is an AWESOME....AWESOME piece of a tool

I spent almost 8 hrs last night playing with this contraption and i can swear that it is one the most inspiring and playful emus i've ever experienced!

I just received the new update via Email. Everything seems to work perfectly in Ableton Live 8. When playing together with GURU everything sounds perfectly synced.

Tried the demo of Clockwork, fantastic stuff, it rulz!

Just wanted to say that I'm really loving the CLOCKWOrK plug-in! Thanks so
much for the awesome product.

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