D-Arp is a dual MIDI arpeggiator. Easy to use, it combines two arps and allows to let them run in parallel or control one by the other. Use it with any synth (-plugin) to create interesting and new sequences. 

Special features: host-sync, shuffle, adjustable note length with overlap at max point (for mono glide sounds), velocity adjustable or input pass thru. Clock divider for speed control includes settings for dotted or triol - also there is a manual control for step thru by sending MIDI notes on channel 16 to the plugin (for example from a drum machine !)

D-Arp is the enhanced version of Simparp. You may download Simparp to check compatibility with your system. But D-Arp is more then 2xSimparp because of it’s routing variations and extras like the force to scale function.

D-Arp is available as a VST plugin for Windows for just 7 €

download single version
Simparp for testing

Download D-Arp manual


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