Phasing taken to the next level:


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XPHASER is a dual phaser VST effect plugin for Windows. Two phasers with a different sound can be routed parallel or serial. Easy control, clear GUI, various sounds - that is WOK’s XPHASER. Panorama and volume controls for the two phasers and the original signal offer you deep stereo effects or subtile enhancements. Manual sweeping or syncing to host tempo are available as well as different modulation waveforms.

 XPhaser is available in two versions: the free LE version is fully functional but does not contain the host sync and manual sweep feature. The advanced version with sync and manual phasing cost 7€ and can be purchased via Paypal or Shareit.


download free XPhaser LE

(update 18.05.2010: both phaser sections reworked for a stronger effect)

XPhaser+ is vailable for Windows PC as VST-plugin.
Price advanced version: 7€
Please download and test the LE version before ordering to ensure it’s working on your system!

Paypal buy

XPhaser+ VST WIN 7€
Buy now via secure payment service Paypal. After payment, click on “return to merchant” to be redirected to the download page.

 shareit direct buy

XPhaser+ VST WIN 7€
Buy now via secure payment service shareit. After checkout, you can directly download via the link that’s been sent to your email adress.



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